Houka hokoHouka hoko (Houka boko)

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"Houka" is a name of a bonze. His statue is honored on this hoko.
At the top of hoko, there is a ornament of "sankou" means "three light ; sun, moon, star".
Also, wind-up doll called "Sankoumaru" in on the hoko as Yamahoko Jyunkou. It can dance.

(the three lights ; Sun, Moon, Star)

Sankoumaru was used from 1929.
Its dresses have made in 1995-1996.

The back tapestry with owls names "Bagdad" made in 1982.

Dancing Sankoumaru
Back tapestry, Bagdad

Yamahoko Jyunkou at Shinmachi, breaking up, Yoiyama, Yamahoko Jyunkou in the rain, Photo Album

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