Houshou yamaHoushou yama

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In former years, Houshou yama called "Hana nusubito yama". It means "Yama of flower thief".
Houshou lived in Kyoto about 1000 years ago.He was a brilliant man with abundant talents.
One day, Izumishikibu who was his loved woman asked him to bring her Ume flower from the conference hall.
He plundered a branch of Ume from the hall at risk.

The head of the doll made in 1500. The body made in around 1789-1800.

Houshou yama provides talismans and charms for love knot or marriage tie in Yoiyama.

Yamahoko Jyunkou in Shinmachi-douri

Yamahoko Jyunkou in the rain

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